My temporary makeup storage

Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd give you a quick tour of how I'm currently storing all my makeup, its a bit mishmash and temporary at the moment as my room is in the middle of being decorated so I'm waiting till I have everything how I want it and then I'm going to look into getting maybe some storage drawers or something. 

At the moment everything is just kept in various containers/trinket holders on top of my chest of drawers. This isn't really an ideal location because as you can see, the window is right above it and direct sunlight isn't the best thing for your lipsticks! At the moment I mostly just keep the blind down but I think eventually I'd like some stacked storage to just pop on the side of my desk which is in the corner of my room. 

This is my lovely Clippy London makeup bag which I've done a full post on before here. This is where I store all the makeup that I wear on an everyday basis, so this is what I'd grab if I was going somewhere overnight or something.

I got this cosmetics case from Ted Baker for Christmas from my boyfriend's mum and at the moment I'm using it to store all my bits and bobs of makeup that I don't often use unless I'm doing a particular look-things like coloured eyeliners and individual eyeshadows. I also keep random samples that I think I'll use soon in there, like the Eve Lom face masks in there at the moment. 

Next to my cosmetics case I keep my eyeshadow palettes stacked next to one another...

...and next to that I keep my lipsticks on a three-tier cake stand. Only because I don't have any cakes to put on it though!

On the other side of the chest of drawers I have my mirror and the mug which stores my makeup brushes (though I'm currently scouring Etsy for a pretty makeup brush roll)...

...and lastly this mega cute little wooden box which I found in a gift shop in St Andrews where I'm currently storing my bronzers and blushers.

What do you think of my makeshift storage? I do like having everything organised but I know eventually I'll want something a bit less thrown together so I've already started searching for a replacement-if anyone has any recommendations for storage please let me know!


  1. can I have your make-up stash? x

  2. My make-up storage is a bit like this, everything in different containers and on cake stands too! (: I love your cute little old box, I'd love one like that to store bits and pieces in! xx

  3. Woah, you have lots of makeup! I use the same products daily so only have the one bag...!!!

  4. All your storage is really cute :) I love seeing how other people store their products.


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  5. So organised Lauren! Mine is just a mess to the extreme ha-ha love your cute brush cup storage!


  6. I love the cakestand idea! xx

  7. I like your storage, could always pop your lipsticks in the box you keep your bronzers? I love Muji storage, it keeps mine tidy! Plus they do sets of 5 now.


  8. I like your storage, I think its really cute! Love the stacked palettes, do you end up making them really messy? haha! No matter how neatly i organise everything stuff always ends up strewn all over - Usually cotton wool and jewellery, eek!! x

  9. Love it! What is that pinky floral pallet from? Thanks!xx


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