Motel Rocks Press Event

Hello lovelies! Before I went up to Scotland I attended a couple of Xmas in July press events in London and I'm excited to show you what the amazing people at Motel Rocks have cooked up for us to enjoy this Autumn/Winter.

I've already decided that I am absolutely going to have to finally buy my first pair of Jordan jeans, they just always look amazing on anyone I see wearing them. My only issue will be deciding which amazing print to buy them in-though I am very tempted by these black and white beauties.

So what can you expect to see from the new Motel collections? Lots of bold prints as usual in both monochrome and bold colours. Sequins and metallics galore for your Christmas parties and a number of velvet options as well. 

Style wise Motel are mostly sticking to their tried and tested options which is brilliant for those who saw a dress they loved the look of and then it sold out-chances are that dress will be available again just in a different print or colour. 

My favourites were the black and white Jordan jeans, the whole collection of bright florals and the metallic pleated skirts. 

We also have these FIERCE shoes to look forward to:



  1. Their clothes look gorgeous! I have never ordered from them before!

  2. Holy mackerel! Those shoes look like an accident waiting to happen! I'm sure they'd look just as hot if I wore them and remained seated at all times, right?! Cx

  3. Jeeeez those shoes are mental! Looking forward to their new stock! :)

  4. Some really nice colours in the collection! The shoes are absolutely mental though, not sure if I could pull them off! x

  5. I want that clutch baggg! horse studs <3

  6. I love the first 3 dresses in the 1st 2 pics.


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