london aquarium

Hello lovelies! I thought today I'd pop up a few photos of the trip me and Sean took to the London Aquarium on Friday-it was such a fun day out, and luckily it wasn't too busy (though there were a few people who seemed to enjoy stopping right in front of us so we couldn't get through!) 

A visit to the aquarium is usually almost twenty pounds each for an adult, but you can often find vouchers of different kinds online. The deal me and Sean got was 2 for 1 entry if you could present valid return train tickets to London. What a bargain! 

I'm not sure whether my favourites of the day were terrapins piling up on each other on a rock in their tank or the alligator who just laid around looking really smug. I think Sean liked the sharks and the sea turtles most. Also the penguins from Edinburgh Zoo are on a little mini break down at the aquarium and one of them tried to leap up on his little iceberg and missed and fell back in the water which made me laugh a lot (so immature!)

That's me and Sean looking really creepy in a dark room with an Easter Island head. Well why not? 

If you fancy going to the London Aquarium this summer (and I recommend that you do) just hop on a train to Waterloo and then wander down the road to the London Eye. Definitely have a quick peek online first though to see if you can get a good deal on ticket prices! 


  1. I LOVE the London Aquarium :) it's so fun! xx

  2. i've never been to the Aquarium but it looks such fun...! :)

  3. What a lovely post! Your blog is lovely by the way! xx

  4. I feel more connected to you now, because we totally saw the same fishies this year.x

  5. OMG FISH! You look so cuuuute aswell love the headband!


  6. ooo me and boy love aquariums, but always steer clear of London due to the £££ and masses of tourists! xoxo

  7. Now thats what you call a real aquarium! If only we could have all those set ups in our homes! ha


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