Bags of Love

Hello lovelies! I would like you all to say a big Happy Birthday to my lovely mummy who turns 21 today. (Or thereabouts...)


Her present from me was a Laura Mercier blusher which I just about managed to give to her without trying to keep it for myself. I can't promise that I won't try and borrow it from time to time though!

However, I also gave her a second present which I received for review purposes from the site Bags of Love which sells a variety of brilliant personalised items and gifts. When I saw the kind of stuff available I immediately thought that a great present for my mum would be something personalised with a whole load of family photos. In the end I chose the personalised cushion and went for a montage of various pictures.

Personalised Cushion (from £39)*
Within a few days of picking the photos and layout that I wanted I was emailed with a mockup of what my final product would look like for me to approve. Soon after that the cushion arrived in the post and I was very pleasantly surprised by just how good quality the cushion is and how crisp the photos looked. 

Yes it is a little expensive, and from looking around the site I would have to say that a lot of the products are slightly higher priced than I would be completely happy paying, but you really do get what you pay for-these products are very well made. 

My mum was really pleased with the cushion, and I have been eyeing up all the other products since trying to work out what other things I'd like to buy from there-currently I'm debating a Banksy style canvas for when me and my boyfriend eventually move in together, a personalised jewellery box for various friends birthdays and a Sunday Girl-esque makeup bag for me! 


  1. Going to have to check out Bags of Love. Looks like a fab idea for any personalised gifts! xx

  2. Ah that's such a lovely present, I always love the ones that have a lot of thought in <3

  3. N'aww Happy Birthday mummy Pearson! I love the idea of that cushion, so cute! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  4. awww such a lovely pressie and very personal too. I'd want to keep the laura mercier blusher too :)

  5. That is such a lovely present! I hope your mum had a fab birthday!


  6. Such a cute idea!
    It looks great!

    - andrealamode
    Maybe we could follow eachother?!
    click here for my blog!

  7. Oh wow! That personalised cushion is such a neat and original idea...I may have to steal it..


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