favourite ebay purchase

Hello lovelies! Now, I have been a massive fan of eBay since I started university-in fact I got a little bit too addicted at one stage (a Luella bag and a pair of Louboutins come to mind!) So when I decided in my third year that I wanted a satchel to take to lectures I knew there was only one place to look. 

There was quite a lot of absolute tat to ignore in my search, but eventually I stumbled across someone selling a vintage leather Marks and Spencer satchel from the 1980's which I fell in love with. I had to enter a bit of a bidding war but eventually at the last minute I won it for just under £30. 

It arrived in really good condition apart from a few scratches, which to be honest were only to be expected given that its about three decades old. I really love the old fashioned lockable clasp and the lining of the bag and I have used it so much since I got it I'm surprised it hasn't started falling apart yet. It will definitely be my bag of choice for lectures again this year!

Have you guys got a favourite eBay purchase? I'd love to hear about it-some people find such absolute bargains on there!


  1. eBay is ace and sooo addictive! I don't think I can pinpoint one favourite thing but Ive definitely found some cool things in the past. That bag's a good vintage find! :)

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

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  2. I love ebay, although I wouldn't buy anything designer on there - I'd be so scared to get scammed!!! Eek!

    Lovely find though! Now if you'll excuse, I'm off to search the (e)bay.

    -Elodie x


  3. To me that seriously looks like the kind of handbag some gorgeous London Career girl would have had back in the sixties - a.k.a it's perfection! I love it + I'm now going to scour Ebay + pluck up courage to get into it again.


  4. This bag is a beaut! You were so lucky to find that! I love eBay and have had so many bargains on there over the years its unreal! My favourite thing is when you buy something off there, wear it a few times, list up back up and sell it for more than you paid! xx

  5. I've never found any real gems. I LOVE that bag!

  6. Haha I remember when you bought the Louboutins and showed me them in the box for the first time - I had no idea what they were then but I did think they were really pretty and I remember thinking you were batty when you told me the price! Now though how things have changed I want them allllll! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  7. Love it, I heart ebay for unique stuff like this :-)

  8. Ahh I love it, the inside is so lovely as well! I never find anything good on ebay, I'm not very patient haha xo

  9. this is perfect! I'm not good on Ebay.. I give up!x

  10. That bag is amazing! Why is everything so nice vintage and one of a kind? Take me back to the 80's! Love your blog, followed you :) xxx


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