The Seafood Restaurant @ St Andrews

Hello lovelies! As you know I was up in St Andrews last week for the final time, clearing all of my stuff out of my student house and giving it a bit of a spring clean with my parents. Since we were up for the last time and the graduation dinner we had was a tiny bit disappointing, we decided to go to my very favourite restaurant, The Seafood Restaurant.

As you may have guessed from the name (and if you haven't you should probably be a bit worried) the restaurant specialises in culinary delights of the marine sort. I've been there three times now, once with my housemate and her family, once with my boyfriend for his 21st birthday and now with my family and my boyfriend. We decided to go for lunch rather than dinner as it is a fair bit cheaper and all you miss out on is the little in between course dishes. 

We munched on a delicious platter of freshly baked bread and butter (granary, sun dried tomato and parmesan and rosemary foccacia) and sipped on glasses of Sancerre whilst we decided what to eat. 

We all went for the same starter-dressed East Neuk crab with pureed avocado, tomato caviar and sweetcorn sorbet. This is one of the things I love about the restaurant, most of the dishes serve locally sourced seafood in ways you would never have expected-I mean, would you think of sweetcorn sorbet? 

This was unbelievably delicious, I could have eaten plateful after plateful of it. The avocado and sweetcorn added flavour to it without overpowering the crab which was LUSH.

I had a different take on this crab dish the last time I went with my boyfriend which was why I chose it again and I wasn't disappointed either time-so if you ever end up there and its on the menu in some form I urge you to choose it! 

For my main course I decided to push the boat out and go for something I've always wanted to try but never got round to-lobster! 

I present you with lobster in a garlic butter sauce with sautéed potatoes. YUM. Although I have to admit, I had to get my dad to crack open the claw for me-I'm not known for my brute strength...

My mum also went for lobster and my dad had sea bass with spring greens. I managed to have a little taste of my boyfriend's chosen dish which was also absolutely delicious and almost made me wish I'd gone for that option instead-hake with pepperade, spiced aubergine and polenta. 

We could have added a dessert for an extra few pounds, and I was tempted by the dark chocolate and amaretto tart with caramelised oranges, but I was just too full by that point and so was everyone else!

Instead I sat back to finish my glass of wine whilst imagining the amazing views of the surrounding coastline (the restaurant has entirely glass walls and is situated right next to the beach)

Beautiful right? If you ever happen to be in the area, I highly recommend you pay it a visit! The lunch menus are £22 for two courses and £26 for three courses compared to £38 and £45 at dinner time (or even £52 if you fancy four courses). If you're feeling a little bit low on cash though you can also pay just £12.95 for two courses on the express menu, though you don't have any choice on the dish served. 


  1. gosh I'm hungry now - looks delish! xx

  2. Oh my gosh - I NEED TO GO HERE. I hasn't heard of this place despite spending every new year for the past 10 years there :L I'm obsessed with seafood, so this place sounds like my idea of Heaven!

  3. Ooh god that all looks so good! I've never tried lobster either, but it looks yummy! And such good prices on the lunch menu! xx


  4. oh my, that looks delish! Gorgeous views too! :)

  5. i love seafood! and all the pictures look sooo yummyy :) x

  6. The food looks unbelievable!!! thanks for the tips, I need to write it down for when I'll go to St Andrews ;) x


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