Afternoon Tea Time!

Hello lovelies! Sorry for yet another unscheduled absence, my housemate had to unexpectedly send back our internet router so I was left without a connection in St Andrews! Luckily I'm back down south now, so I can get back to posting regularly.

Before I left St Andrews, my sister came up to visit for the first time since I started there in 2008! She was a bit sceptical about the trip, so I knew I'd have to take her somewhere pretty spectacular to wow her a bit. 

The Old Course Hotel overlooks the 18th hole of the Old Course, and is very fancy and very expensive. Pretty much the only thing we could afford to do there was to have afternoon tea, so off we went. 

The Hotel and Golf Course

It was absolutely gorgeous inside, and it passed the true test of a posh hotel-having proper hand towels in the bathrooms instead of paper towels or air dryers! 

The afternoon tea is held in the conservatory and luckily the rain and grey skies held off long enough for us to enjoy a nice view out of the windows. Not that we paid much attention to the views when the food arrived!

The food was absolutely lush-four types of finger sandwiches, fruit and plain scones with clotted cream and champagne preserves, lemon pancakes and then a tonne of different cakes and pastries created by the resident pastry chef!

Mini Strawberry Tart
White chocolate and passion fruit layered pastry
Chocolate and coffee layered pastry
Mini Victoria Sponge Pastry
As well as the food there were about six different varieties of tea to choose from (unlimited amount). My sister went for the English Breakfast tea but I decided to branch out a bit and went for the Ceylon Rose tea which was very nice and quite sweet. The teas are all in leaf form so you get a little strainer to use as well, super cute! 

All in all it was a really lovely experience. Afternoon tea is £19 per person or £32 with a glass of champagne, however we actually ended up sharing three teas between five and it was more than enough! 

If you are ever in St Andrews, I would definitely advise that you go and enjoy afternoon tea at the Old Course whilst the menfolk head out to play golf! (There's also an amazing spa in the hotel if you're feeling a bit flash...)


  1. Aw this all looks so nice, I want! Hotel looks lovely.Afternoon tea is one of my fave things ever and not been for one for ages!

  2. This is one my gran's favourite hotels ever, as in she would literally go spend a week here for the sake of the hotel than go abroad :L
    My friend is studying up at St.Andrews so next year a s & I are heading up to see him - may have to do an afternoon tea date :L

  3. aah this looks lush! lovely photos xx

  4. wowee look at all that cake mmmmm I love an afternoon tea and if you are ever in Cardiff you should go to Pettigrew Tea rooms x

  5. There might be no shop, but it's probably for the better when there are so many delicious treats to be had! ; )

    -Elodie x

  6. uhh man this post made me so so hungry! those little cakes look to die for! :) -lovely pictures! xo

  7. I could happily eat afternoon tea everyday if I could! What better than tiny sandwiches and lots of little cakes! It looks delicious and a gorgeous setting for it :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  8. Wow this looks so amazing :) yum yum

  9. wow, this place looks incredible!

  10. oooh im hungry from reading this now lol, fab little blog :-)


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