The £100 ASOS Challenge!

Hello lovelies! Today I, like most of you other fashion-y bloggers, noticed the £100 Asos Challenge and decided to give it a go. If you haven't seen it already the aim is quite simple, to pick an outfit that costs under £100 without using student discount or ASOS discount codes. 

I did debate going for a nice, light, summery outfit but let's be honest-we hardly have the weather for it! Instead I decided to go for a look I'd love to wear for a night down the pub even if it wouldn't be to sit in the beer garden and drink Pimms.

TOTAL: £99

I actually really like this outfit! It is quite different to the sort of thing I'd normally pick, I almost never wear this much black at once, but I think the black and gold together is really classy.

The dress reminds me of one that I saw Jessie J wearing recently in terms of length and style, and so I decided to roughly follow how she styled hers and team it with a statement gold necklace and matching gold earrings.

Court shoes with a metallic or contrasting colour toe are very in right now, and I think these are perfect for wearing on a night out or they could even be styled as part of a work outfit. The heel also isn't too high which is ideal for me because I have the balance of a new born deer. I think the bag fits nicely in with the general theme of the outfit as well and is a bit of a steal at just £18!

I hope you like my picks! If you decide to give this challenge a go or have already posted an outfit, please leave your links below for me to have a nosy at!


  1. that bag is so nice for the price! ooh poet and i didn't know it! i may join in on this challenge xxx

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this, this is the first I've heard of it! My entry's here:

    Your outfit is WAY more sophisticated than mine!

  3. I want those shoes so badly. THey're beautiful!!

    Xox Soph

  4. I have the nude version of that bag, usually I hate clutches but it's actually really nice and the perfect size! Also, I NEED those shoes. x


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