Hello! I have another outfit post for you guys today, lucky you! I also managed to nip outside whilst it was gorgeously sunny today-although writing this at night with a storm raging around me makes me feel like the weather is having a bit of a bipolar moment! 

I found this skirt in my sister's wardrobe when I came home, and instantly took it back-since it is MINE. (So rude!) I absolutely love it, I bought it in New Look in the sale last year and wearing it makes me feel like a ballerina! I actually bought it just before midi skirts became 'everywhere' so I feel very trend leading. Go me. 

This top is an absolute god-send! I am always after nice, basic, neutral shade tops and usually I tend to pick them up from H&M or New Look and they are either see through, or they've stretched after one wear, or they just go all baggy in the wash. Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup recently posted about an American Apparel Deep Vee top that she bought which looked good, but they are a teeny bit expensive. 

So when the lovely people at contacted me and asked me if I wanted to review an item, I knew it had to be the v-neck top! I got the vee* sent to me in grey, and it is fabulous. It is a super soft material, and it feels really thin but isn't at all see through, and the fit is great. It does have quite a low cut neckline, but I like that! (don't judge.) is the new venture by Bar Rafaeli, and it is basically just a collection of basic underwear and loungewear-all very simple, very plain and comfortable. Also pretty reasonable, you pay between £9 and £13 for one of the tops, depending on style. They also have a mens range if you fancy kitting out any men in your life in high quality tank tops! 

I did get sent this for review purposes, but I am actually already eyeing up the same top in black and white, as well as possibly a pair of the leggings. The collection isn't anything earth shattering that will change the face of fashion or anything, but it does offer good quality and affordable basics-and everyone needs those underpinning the rest of the wardrobe! Check out the site here.

 Fingers crossed for another sunny day now!

P.S. I've started making YouTube videos! How exciting! I'd love it if you'd check out my first video here.


  1. I really like this outfit, you look lovely x

  2. this outfit is sooooo gorgeous, I love the skirt!

  3. You look amazing Lauren, can see you've lost weight! A good basic is always a must!

  4. I really love that skirt, it's such a lovely colour. I enjoyed your first youtube video by the way! I'd like to give youtube a whirl too but i'm waaay to scared haha x

  5. I tend to wear plain tops and stuff so will check it out, I've actually been looking for the exact colour/style of top you've got on to go with a white blazer I bought :-)

  6. Looking good, agree with Sophie the weight loss seems like its going really well look at your tiny waist!


  7. This is such a lovely outfit, you look tiny in it! x

  8. I love this outfit! I've been tempted to buy a skirt like that but I don't know if it will suit me! You seem to pull off just about anything you lucky girl!xx

  9. i can see why she took your skirt

  10. Haha i know you just commented on my blog like, love your skirt, and i'm now gonna comment back the same thing because i love your skirt! Haha :) xxx


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