MAC Saint Germain

I was very naughty the last time I was home and near a massive amount of shops and purchased myself a little MAC lipstick! (I also forced my mum to buy her first one-such a bad influence.)

MAC Saint Germain: £13.50

I've been looking for a proper bubblegum, barbie-esque pink for a while now, so I sort of just picked up a few that looked pretty damn pink and tried them out on my hand to see what they looked like. In the end I decided to go for Saint Germain because it looked like the one that Nicki Minaj would be most likely to wear(!)

I have to say, it is very PINK. I tried it on when I got home and it did take me aback for a minute. I've got used to it a bit now though and I do like it, its a bit too bright for everyday but it is perfect for a night out. 

With Flash
Without Flash
My smile is lopsided! I genuinely tried to lift both corners of my mouth here but couldn't...worrying?

Looking at it on its actually sort of got a hint of lavender to it. Nice and bright no? Have any of you guys got Saint Germain? I'd love to hear what you think about it and whether you all have found a way to make it daytime wearable? If you have another favourite pink lipstick I'd love to hear about that too.


  1. I love Saint Germaine! But you are right its very VERY pink :D I actually dab it on instead of apply from the tube to get a more sheer wash of colour :)

  2. I too have MAC Saint Germaine, it was my very first MAC lipstick I think, and like you I completely fell in love with it in the shop but it is very pink I put a No.7 liplicious over mine to mute it slightly :)

  3. I love st germain today, I love all pinks! I also just dab it on in the day time :)

  4. I love this lipstick so much!

  5. I love the look of Saint Germain, it's so pretty! I don't think it would suit me though :( booo.

    Frances xx

  6. This is a bit too pale and purple toned for me but it looks lovely on you :-)

  7. I love this lipstick! Its one of those ones that I can only appreciate on other people though - for some reason pink and I just cannot seem to get along! You'll need to wear in a night out OOTD and let us see it in full - I imagine its gorgeous on you!
    Also, I have a slightly lopsided smile too - all the best people have ;)

  8. Oooo I do love a blue-toned pink and this looks gorgeous! X

  9. I hate not knowing exactly how a lipstick looks until you can get home and put it on! This is lovely though - I wish I had the courage to wear it.
    I have a lopsided smile too haha, it makes me so paranoid.
    Love your blog :) xoxo

  10. i've wanted saint germain for a while now, very bright but so pretty!!

    -ariel* xoxo

  11. This is such a pretty colour!

    I've never tried a MAC lipstick before. What a crime!

  12. I love this shade on you! Another great pink is Pink Noveau from MAC, a more fuschia shade but its very barbie, in a good way! xx


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