New In Wishlist: New Look

Hey lovelies! Hope you all had a fabulous Easter Weekend! I spend mine at work with no Easter Eggs *cue tiny violins* but my mum and little brother had come up to visit for a few days last week so I'll count that as my Easter! 

I've been on a bit of a New Look downer recently-I used to shop there ALL the time since it was pretty much the only clothes shop in St Andrews, but recently I've been relying heavily on online shopping because I just didn't like anything in New Look.

That has all changed since I checked their New In section this week, my adoration is back up to normal levels!


1) I love this pattern! They have a few things in the same print including a dress and a blouse which are also gorgeous, but I have so many of both those things! Shorts on the other hand I don't have many pairs of, so these are a perfect compromise! I think I'd wear them quite simply, just a vest top in a bright jewel colour and some gold sandals.

2) This is one of those items that I imagine myself wearing when I have my ideal body! I've told myself that I'll buy this if I lose a stone by summer-I'd love to wear it with a pair of dark denim high waisted shorts, or styled like they have on the website with a floaty yellow skirt. 

3) Tribal print is massive again which is good for me since I love all those bold prints and bright colours. These trousers fit the pyjama pant trend which has emerged as well-a double whammy in the fashion stakes for only £16.99! I'm on it!

4) Last but not least I'm currently searching for the perfect playsuit and I think this might be it. Pretty pattern but not over the top, and I love the tie belt to emphasise your waist-sometimes I can end up looking like a sack of potatoes if I don't belt or tie a baggy top! I'd have to try this before I bought it though-white has a terrible inclination to go a bit see through doesn't it....


  1. you have some very pretty wishes! love the romper especially!


  2. Ooh I love the bralet! :) Such a decent price too, they have loads of these in Miss Selfridge and Topshop which are so expensive!

    Frances x

    1. I know! Need a flat tummy first though! Xx

  3. I love everything you've chosen, the playsuit is definitely my favourite though! :) xx

  4. Playsuit is adorable! Must have it! xxx

  5. The playsuit is gorgeous! LOVE!

    Hannah xx

  6. Really nice wish list!


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