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When I was little (I think I got it when I was Christened) I had the most gorgeous little charm bracelet. Pretty much every birthday and Christmas I would get a new charm to put on it, and I would get very excited when I got to wear it on special occasions. That little bracelet is in a box somewhere in my mum's room now, since the only way I'd be able to wear it today would be to hang it from one of my ears or something. 

I still love charm bracelets, I have quite a collection of the Accessorize ones, but I never went for the whole Links of London or Pandora thing, because I had friends who had spent upwards of a couple of hundred on all theirs and I was just too aware of my own clumsiness/forgetfulness to risk it. 

When Cutey emailed me and asked me if I'd like to maybe review one of their bracelets, I was so happy. They have a similar look to the Pandora type bracelet (although as far as I know you can't add the charms in the same way) but at a much more reasonable price. They don't look cheap though, they're very well made and as the website says-quite weighty. 

One for me, and two to give away to you guys-how generous is that? First I'll show you the one that I'm keeping for myself:

This one is called Pontus, and the names are another cute touch that I absolutely love. Each bracelet has been carefully named and given a meaning, I loved looking mine up on the website.

I think the blue charms are a gorgeous colour, I don't have any blue jewellery so this will be a welcome addition for the summer. I'm also a massive fan of the tiny little turtle-so cute!

I'm wearing the bracelet just now and I can't stop looking at it and playing with it (such a magpie) thank you so much for sending it to me Cutey!
I've named my little turtle Terrance. 
If you've been reading this post and thinking 'wow, I really want one of those bracelets' then you're in luck! I'll be giving away two of these bracelets as a May Day gift to my followers, one on here, and one on Twitter. 

To win Oneiroi comment on this post before midnight on May 1st 2012 with your method of following this blog, your email address or twitter name, and, since this bracelet is supposed to encourage you to dream big-the thing you want most right now. The winner won't be picked at random, it will be the answer I like most!

To win Oizys keep your eyes on my Twitter @laurenella_ for a Re-tweet competition in the next few hours. 

What do you think of Cutey bracelets? Do you have a particular favourite? Thanks again to Cutey for sending me these!


  1. Followed you through GFC :)
    My email is;

    The thing I want most right now is for my Granddad to get better and hopefully get out of hospital soon xx

  2. Follow you on bloglovin, gfc and twitter guess Im a bit of a stalker ;)

    At the moment I'm in dire need of some inspiration and motivation to decide what I want to do in life! Then I won't want anything... That is until I find a new handbag I want ;)


  3. I follow you on Bloglovin' and through Blogger! :)

    The thing I want the most at the moment is to have the opportunity to do my Masters at Oxford. I'm from Canada though, so it will require me to get a massive scholarship! So I guess the thing I want the most at the moment is the scholarship that's going to allow me to become the person I want to be! <3

  4. I follow you on Bloglovin' :-)

    Fawnsmacarons (twitter)

    The thing I want most at the moment is for my health to finally sort itself out, so I can focus on my MA. Would also really like to work out how to make four years of long distance with my finance work *sigh*

    Lovely competition :) xx

  5. I followed you on GFC as Victoria
    Twitter @nva_victoria

    I have so many dreams which I want to realize, may be it sounds crazy, but I wish I had wings, I would fly between the land and sky, under world's problems like birds, only me and the sky!


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