New In Wishlist: Motel Rocks

Hey guys! One of my favourite brands is Motel Rocks-their customer services is amazing and I love pretty much all of the clothes they sell-all the prints are so beautiful!

Currently there is a whole lot of stock that I want to buy up and fill my wardrobe with-I thought I'd share some of it with you girls in case you share my love for them but maybe have a slightly bigger disposable income! (poor poor student right here).

Galaxy Print Skater Skirt

Crissy Denim Bustier Midi Dress

Feather Print Plunge Neck Dress

Winter Bloom Heidi Fit Dress

Cut Out Back Black and Green Playsuit

1) The Galaxy print is one of my favourites that Motel have done, but I'm a bit wary of wearing bodycon so I am thrilled that they've released a skater skirt version. I think a skater style skirt is probably one of the most flattering styles you can wear, and even better when its such a pretty print! I'm already imagining the AMAZING shoes you could wear with it on a night out!

2) This Midi Dress is so beautiful and ladylike, it makes me want to wear it to a tea party on a veranda somewhere ( What even IS a veranda?) I love the denim bustier which modernises the dress and makes it a bit different from others available. There is also a coral skirted version available and I want them both!

3) I will let you into a secret. I have a LOT of dresses. I have so many that I genuinely cannot wear them all on a regular basis. Some of them I think I only own because they were too pretty to leave in the shop. This dress though-this dress would get a lot of wear. Its a simple enough style that I would wear it during the day but the feather print makes it memorable and the plunge neck adds just enough sexiness that my boyfriend would still let me out in it!

4) Hyper florals are going to be a massive trend this spring, and this dress is a perfect 'beginners' item for those who aren't quite brave enough to wear a suit made out of bright purple flowers or something. The Heidi fit is super flattering and I can't wait for the sun to be bright enough to wear this with some cute sandals and an ice-cream cone. 

5) I don't own many playsuits, I should probably start to supplement my dress obsession with some and I could start with this one! Mostly I just love the colour-I'm a sucker for a nice bright green-but I'm also a fan of the cut out back, its a subtle kind of sexy!

What are you favourite Motel Rocks items of the minute?


  1. Ooh I love the feather dress! The colours in the galaxy print skirt are gorgeous too :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. I love them too! Have my eye on the poppy print dress for festival season <3


  3. The pleated dress in beautiful - really love motels dresses!

  4. Love everything! So so pretty :)

    Hannah xx

  5. I don't like wearing those dresses as they're normally look short on me (I've really long legs!) so I'd be getting that midi one, which is my fave too! xo

  6. I freaking love the galaxy skater skirt, I agree that they are super flattering, I love dresses with that kind of skirt, but it would be so much better if a few more had even just an extra inch or two in length, I'm not that tall, really I'm not at 5'5, and although I have a fair amount of tits and arse going on, I'm still a generous size 10/small size 12. Yet still, they always come up MEGA short. SIGH!


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