Bad Passion #2

Hi guys! A while back I did my first Bad Passion purchase post, and since there have been some gorgeous new arrivals recently on the site I thought I'd do an up to date one (also I bought another lovely piece for myself-oops!) 

First I'll show you what I bought for myself-a lovely, quirky claw shaped bangle:

I absolutely love it-it is such a 'me' piece of jewellery-just unique enough that some people don't understand why you would wear it, (By some people I mean my sister!)

At first I had a bit of a panic that it wasn't going to fit, but I did in the end manage to squeeze it over my chubby little hands.

Do you love it? I can't wait to wear it, I just need to pick a suitable outfit for its first outing! Maybe I should wear it with something bird print...

If you don't like this, perhaps some of the other New Arrivals will tickle your fancy-pretty much all of these are on my payday wishlist!

1) A gorgeous coiled snake detail necklace, I kind of want to get it just so I can waltz around pretending to be Cleopatra and getting my boyfriend to feed me grapes. 

2) Continuing with the snake theme-how gorgeous is this cocktail ring? So decadent-I love the colour of the blue stone (which is Swarovski crystal by the way!) 

3) You might have seen the new trend for wearing a simple necklace under the collar of a shirt or blouse, and this necklace is absolutely perfect for the job. It comes in Gold, Silver and Gunmetal and I want all three! 

What are your thoughts on my new bangle and the other gorgeous jewellery currently residing temptingly on the website? Have any of you bought anything from Bad Passion recently? 


  1. oh my god, I LOVE them! amazing bracelet xxx

  2. I adore the snake ring! Amazing!

  3. That is one amazing piece of jewellery - so unique! I might have to take a browse round the website myself :)
    R xx

    1. You should-they have some amazing stuff! x

  4. That bangle is fantastic! *goes off to check out site* the blue snake ring is awesome too x

  5. love this bracelet, so edgy! :) xx

    1. I know, I love that its a bit different :) x

  6. Beautiful bracelet!

    - Olivia xx

  7. OMG that bangle is so you! It looks ab fab! :-)
    I'm rather liking it....!

    Le Material Girl xo

  8. Love the claw bracelet and love the snake ring! xx


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