Cupcakes and Christmas

Hello lovelies! Can you believe its Christmas Eve already? I don't know what it is, but every year Christmas seems to come around quicker and quicker. I remember still being at school and the last few days absolutely dragging before the holidays, and THEN still having to wait about six days for actual Christmas. This year though, I worked up to the 21st and only got back home on the evening of the 22nd so it has gone pretty swiftly!

Yesterday for Christmas Eve Eve we went to visit relatives who I don't see very often-my second cousin and her husband and children and my Great Aunt and Uncle. The last time I saw them I think was a bit more than a year ago so it was really nice to go and see them, although the kids are growing up so quick-one is THIRTEEN now, and I remember going to her Christening! Also one of the girls looks exactly like a slightly older version of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and I'm not entirely sure where those genes came from. (And why they couldn't have been introduced to my DNA)

Anyway, getting a bit off topic. During the day me, my sister and my mum made some gorgeous little Hummingbird Bakery Red Velvet cupcakes. Well, my mum made them and me and my sister decorated them ridiculously. Also, how nice is cream cheese frosting! I couldn't stop eating it, nom nom. 

Yes okay, we may have got a little carried away with our new piping bag.

And here is what I wore-its a very neutral outfit, perhaps I was subconsciously dressing as a cupcake? Who knows.

The top is actually my sisters and is from Dorothy Perkins, the shoes are my little ballet pumps from Topshop and the shorts are from River Island about a year ago. I love these shorts, even if they do occasionally resemble really massive knickers.

I also wore this lovely snuggly Astrakhan coat that my mum has borrowed from my nan, and I have sneakily stolen in turn from my mum. Score. 

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, and I hope Santa is nice to all of you!


  1. gahh evil :p ....if only the market in glasgow was open hahah

  2. Nice outfit! Those cupcakes look so yummy nom nom nom Xx

  3. omg i need these cupcakes! :P hehe well not these....but cupcakes haha

  4. Oooh, those cupcakes look gorgeous!
    Have a good Christmas!

  5. Oh yum! Have an amazing Christmas x

  6. Them cupcakes look yummy!

  7. Roisin-Elizabeth12 January 2012 at 00:44

    Outfit* let's just pretend that didn't happen... :P

  8. Roisin-Elizabeth12 January 2012 at 00:44

    LOVE your outit, especially the shorts!
    Merry Christmas!!!!
    Much Love

  9. Those cupcakes look so good!! I love your outfit too, your shorts are so pretty :)
    I Hope you have a lovely christmas too :) xx

  10. cream cheese icing is the best! as is hummingbird bakery recipes AND those shorts (haha bloomers, but I would totes wear them!) Have a brilliant christmas fellow Lauren xxxx

  11. Yum yum at the cupcakes!!
    Your outfit is stunning too ♥


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