I Got A Pocketful of Sunshine

Hey girlies! I think I'm in a bit of a colourful mood lately-perhaps to combat the absolutely miserable weather outside. Maybe I should aim to wear every colour of the rainbow this week! This yellow dress is one of my favourites, I got it in the Topshop sale and I wear it for all sorts of occasions, it is just such a flattering style! Today I teamed it with a New Look belt and feather earrings, some H&M animal print tights and my trusty Primark boots...I basically haven't taken them off since I got them!

When I went out to my lectures I added my old grey Primark blazer to keep me warm in the seemingly heating-less lecture theatres!

What do you guys think? I've also added a little present on for any of you who watched Desperate Scousewives...my little version of the Scouse Brow! (Disclaimer: I did not go out with my eyebrows like this I'm afraid!)

Hope you're all having a fabtastic week so far!


  1. I actually really like them! I colour my brows in dark and pretty thick!

  2. I love the dress, and the whole outfit! I watched desperate scousewives last night, the scouse brows did make me laugh! xxx

  3. That dress is gorgeous! You look lovely! :) Loving the scouse brows haha!

  4. Those brows are... something else! ;)
    That dress is so so pretty and you should definitely wear every colour of the rainbow this week aha! X

  5. such a flattering dress! youre so brave for wearing such a bright colour in winter! i wear nothing but blues blacks and greys :P xxxx


  6. I envy your ability to pull of yellow!

  7. WOW gorgeous outfit!! yellow really suits you :) xx

  8. That dress is gorgeous, yellow suits you really well! Love your tights too.
    Is it really bad that I quite like the scouse brows?! Theirs were a little bit over the top, but I do love a nice strong, dark eyebrow haha!

    Gillian x

  9. The brows are ever so heavy, very brave, braver if you went out in them, haha! I love the tights tho!
    Belle du Brighton


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