I have adored Lisa's creations over at daintyroses from the very first time I laid eyes on them, everything is so gorgeous, I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite item! The ideal purchase for me then, seemed to be the Jewellery Goody Bag, where you pay £10 and receive five random items with a total value of over £20. WHAT a bargain? 

Amazingly just after I'd placed my order for my surprise package of jewellery, I won an amazing giveaway at Kirsty's blog over at fairyface! The prize was one of Lisa's fab velvet headbands in your choice of colour. I couldn't believe it when I got the email saying one of the lovely gold ones was on its way to me in the post! Lucky or what?!

I've been waiting eagerly all week for my goodies, and on my return from a horribly boring 9am lecture this morning, my postman handed a little box over to me. 

First and foremost, it has to be said that Lisa puts a LOT of effort into her packaging and presentation. I almost didn't want to open them up to see what was inside. I also received two little handwritten notes-one for the order and one for the giveaway-which are currently up on my noticeboard because the lovely little messages on them make me smile. :)

and then you open this up to find...

gorgeous or what? I've saved the little badges as well-cute!

My jewellery goody-bag. Definitely worth £10 wouldn't you agree? I can't wait to start 
wearing it all...I have the ring on already and the robot necklace will get an outing tomorrow!

In my other little package was my giveaway prize-my lovely golden velvet headband. Luckily it goes perfectly with the outfit I had on for today, so you can have a sneaky little peek at it on!

I think the gold with the red looks quite Christmassy actually. Bonus!

So cozy!

So there you have it! What a lovely little package to come back to this morning, it really has made my week. Definitely go and check out Lisa's website and Kirsty's blog!


  1. Ahh yay Im glad you love your gold head band!! Daintyrose have some gorgeous things!! x x Lovely post ..

    kirsty /fairyface x

  2. You got amazing stuff! I love the idea of getting a random mix of surpise things, i didn't realise she did that! When I get my next student loan I am definitely making an order!

    Love the dress as well, you look gorge! x

  3. Love the jewellery!

  4. I love the idea of the goodie bag. Always nice to have a surprise and they look well worth the £10.
    Love your dress, I had my eye on it a little while ago! The colour is gorgeous!

  5. Great post, the jewellary is stunning! I'm on my way over to the blog right now :)

    Georgie <3

  6. Love the leather bracelet. You got got some lovely stuff :]

  7. Love the headband and the jewellery is amazing - what a great idea for christmas presents!! :D xxx

  8. You look lovely, I love all the jewellery and accessories too x

  9. I have awarded you a blog award over at egtx3! :)



  10. Hello! I have given you an award over on my blog :)

    love the jewellery goodie bag!

  11. Ooohhh, love the goody bag, awesome idea and seems pretty reasonably priced!

    also loving your outfit x

  12. Wow they are gorgeous! And you look great xx

  13. wow looks so cute I just bought myself one of the goodie bags haha couldn't resist going to put it away for Christmas as a cheeky present to myself ha! Xx

  14. WOW what a fantastic goody bag you got, I have the robot watch necklace it is SO cute I love it!!
    The outfit is super cute too love the colours xxxx

  15. I WANT THIS DRESS. I saw it in the shop the other week. IT'S FIT.

  16. I love a good bargain, so I can see myself definitely ordering a mystery goodie bag in the near future. :)

    The clock is so retro - love it! And the ring I am currently drooling over. I mean, so not drooling over. That would be grose.

    Natalie x


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