Snuggled Up

My older brother has come up to visit and my boyfriend has kindly volunteered to take him to play football for a few hours so I can work on my essay...ick! (it kind of sounds like my brother needs a babysitter...and trust me, he really does.)

If I'm actually going to sit down for a good few solid hours and do some real work then I need to be comfy, and this jumper is my comfiest item of clothing EVER. Its from H&M and a size S, so I guess its meant to be quite baggy, and I love the little leather elbow pads. 

It also has the added bonus of keeping me warm in my cold little Scottish house, (hoose? ;) ) so it really is a win-win. I bought it at the start of September ish, but I can't find it on the website anymore... there are lots of other lovely jumpers though which I'm having to resist looking too closely at right now! 

Jewellery wise I'm wearing a pocket watch necklace from New Look, bangles from New Look, and my newest ring from H&M...

Isn't he gorgeous?! (he's a little bunny rabbit if you can't see him!)


  1. That looks super mega comfy! Have a nice day... I'll be snuggling up to my teddys, cuppa on one hand, laptop on the other and just relaxing until it's time to watch Downton Abbey :) x

  2. There's nothing better than a snugly jumper!!

  3. i love that jumper so much!!!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. Pretty outfit it looks warm & comfortable =)

  5. I actually tried that jumper on but it just wasn't flattering on me lol.. but it looks really good on you =D

  6. Cute bunny ring! The jumper looks great on you, I've got a thing for elbow patches at the moment.


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