Air Hostess, I like the way you dress.

Hi everyone! I've set up this blog on a whim, I follow so many girls who have amazing blogs with outfit posts and food posts and every other kind of post and I figure that if I find them interesting, other people might be interested in mine! I hope you bear with me that mine is probably not so professional...I'm very new to this blogging malarkey. Anyway, here is what I wore today!

This is what I wore today for the purpose of walking to my house from my boyfriends...and then stay indoors to work. What a waste of a gorgeous dress! I bought this dress from TK Maxx and it reminds me of an old fashioned air hostess uniform or something similar.  

No accessories today, again, no point since I was just staying in and working! (When can a cookie not be a cookie...when the external world doesn't exist.) 

Lauren-Ella xoxo

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