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Sapporo Teppanyaki | Glasgow

sushi and japanese restaurants in Glasgow
sapporo teppanyaki glasgow

Recently, I have decided that pretty much my favourite type of food in the world is Japanese food. There's some pretty amazing Japanese restaurants in Edinburgh that conveniently offer takeaway via Deliveroo, which means that I've actually ordered from some of them an embarrassing amount of times in the last 6 months or so...from sushi to bento boxes and miso soup to yakitori - I'm obsessed!

Unfortunately for this Edinburgh dweller, I recently discovered what I think must be THE best sushi that I've had in a long time, if ever...and it's in Glasgow, not Edinburgh. Still, it's not the end of the world - now we're getting married there I reckon I'll be able to sneakily coordinate some lunchtime return visits over the next 9 months or so...

glasgow cocktails
scottish food and lifestyle blogger laurenella
best sushi in glasgow

Sean and I headed over to Sapporo Teppanyaki in Glasgow one Saturday before Christmas (they also have restaurants in Liverpool and Manchester if you live nearby) and were quickly shown to a table by the loveliest waitress ever. The restaurant is huge, much bigger than I thought it would be, so it's an ideal place to head to if you're part of a larger group, although we didn't at all feel like it was too loud or crowded for just the two of us.

We started with some yummy cocktails with a Japanese twist - a Senji Caiprina for Sean and a Sake'tini for me, both of which went down dangerously quickly! We decided to share a few sushi dishes between us to ensure that we both got to try as much as possible, and on the recommendation of the waitress we went for a Dragon Roll with grilled eel (the most delicious sushi ever), a Spider Roll with soft shell crab (quite salty but still yummy) and a Caterpillar Roll with salmon (pretty AND delicious). Those particular options range in price from £8.25 to £11 so they aren't the cheapest on the menu, but Sean and I would both agree that they're more than worth it! 

edinburgh lifestyle blogger laurenella

When it came to choosing from the new dessert menu we were less adventurous, with both of us sticking to our usual dessert of choice when eating at a Japanese restaurant - Banana Tempura. The banoffee ice-cream perfectly complemented the battered banana, and the chilli honey added just the right amount of heat to each mouthful. I'm practically drooling just remembering it! 

By the time we finished we were absolutely stuffed and VERY happy - it really was one of the best meals I've had out in a long time and I will 100% be going back (also guys, if you ever wanted to open up in Edinburgh as well...) Overall our meal would have cost just over £50 between the two of us, but as well as the food being phenomenal, the service and presentation were amazing as well so I'd say it's more than worth treating yourself! 

Next time Sean and I are going to try out the Teppanyaki menu as there's nothing like it in Edinburgh and we've heard great things about how entertaining it is - as well as delicious! We might even try and fit it in the next few weeks, since Sapporo are offering an amazing 20% off food until the end of January! 

*We were kindly offered a complimentary selection of sushi, desserts and cocktails to review, however as always - all views are my own and I was not paid for this post - the sushi really is that blooming delicious! 

  • The CitizenM Hotel | Glasgow

    Recently I was invited to stay at the fabulous CitizenM Hotel in Glasgow - if you haven't heard of CitizenM before now, their hotels aim for affordable luxury by getting rid of all the unnecessary extras you often find in hotels like trouser presses, in-room teas and coffees and chocolates on the pillows and instead focussing on what REALLY makes your stay a comfortable one, like wall to wall beds, free movies and blackout blinds.

    Sean and I have decided to get married in Glasgow, and because we're based in Edinburgh we've had to make a few trips back and forth to visit the venue and speak to suppliers. Most of our wedding guests will also be travelling to Glasgow to stay the night for our wedding, so we've been looking for hotels to recommend. CitizenM has definitely jumped to the top of our list - it's only a 10 minute drive from our venue and the room prices start from just £69 (with breakfast available for an extra £10.95 for anyone who manages to drag themselves from the super comfy duvet in time).

    So why exactly were Sean and I so impressed? Let me give you a little virtual tour.

    The very first thing you notice when you walk in the room is the absolutely humongous bed at the other end. It really is wall to wall - and whilst you might think that would feel a little cramped, there's so much space that it's impossible to feel closed in. In the photo where I'm sitting on the bed, Sean was sitting on the other corner with the camera, and it feels as though he's miles away! It's also THE comfiest bed I've ever slept in - I can tell you I've never been more disappointed to go back to my own bed after a night away.

    The second thing you'll notice is the iPad on the bedside table. This iPad controls everything in the room, which I had great fun messing around with! You can change the brightness and colour of the lights, raise and lower both sets of blinds, put music on, set alarms, choose movies or a TV channel...welcome to the future everyone, it's great! You can also select from preselected 'moods' like party, romantic or movie. Sean was a bit disappointed that selecting the romantic option didn't cause Barry White to immediately blare out though...

    We had dinner reservations a few streets away later in the evening, but we had a few hours to kill and Sean was tired out from being dragged through various jewellers looking for wedding rings, so we decided to settle down and watch a movie. There's a fantastic selection - we were torn between watching The Jungle Book or the newest Bourne film for a while, but eventually we decided on X-Men Apocalypse. By the time the film had finished, we had to physically force ourselves to leave the hotel for dinner (not that you'd have to if you didn't want to, there's a great selection available in the hotel 'canteen' - and we even saw someone having pizza delivered to the foyer as we left!)

    There's only one more aspect of the room that I have to mention - the shower. Shut away in the little light up pod in a corner of the room, it's not got any bells and whistles, but it's all that you'd want. The rainforest shower was so amazing that we've decided to get one for our own bathroom and there are bespoke toiletries available for use, with different scents for daytime and nighttime. Last but not least, the towels. Huge and soft and I had to physically restrain myself from sneaking one out in my suitcase, not gonna lie.

    I mentioned that it was possible to have breakfast included in your stay right? Well I would highly recommend it - it's basically all you can eat (Sean took slightly more advantage of that fact than me) and you can choose from cooked breakfast items, which are of much higher quality than you usually get at a hotel buffet, along with continental items like croissants and even waffles.

    They also make a great coffee by the way - get a cappuccino made for you to really set you up for the day ahead. Or if you're not a coffee person, there's also a fantastic selection of teas (I'd recommend the Earl Grey, personally).

    I know that there are some people that maybe feel like they wouldn't want to book a hotel without the complimentary teas and coffees or the shelf full of miniature toiletries that you can stuff in your handbag - but lets face it, when you're on a city break, a lot of the time you only want your hotel to sleep and shower in - and CitizenM do those two things VERY well and at a VERY affordable price. They have hotels in London, New York, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Paris as well, so if you're ever in any of those neighbourhoods, check out their site and get yourself one step closer to that absolute dreamboat of a bed!

    *I was invited to review the CitizenM along with a guest, however as always - all views are my own! And seriously, that bed? The best thing I have ever slept on.