20 July 2014

Blooming Lovely

Little Mistress Paper Doll Floral TrousersLittle Mistress Paper Doll Floral TrousersLittle Mistress Paper Doll Floral Trousers
Top: New Look
Trousers: Little Mistress*
Watch: Olivia Burton
Bag: Brit-Stitch
Shoes: Stylistpick*

Guess who's back with a brand new rap! I feel like I haven't blogged in foreverrrrr and whilst it would be terribly egotistical of me to think you had missed me I am very sorry to anyone who is out there who wondered what had happened to my fabulous self. I have been very busy interspersing my full time job with Maid of Honour duties for my best friend's upcoming nuptials so haven't had much time to myself lately!

These gorgeous Little Mistress floral trousers have been calling out to me from the depths of my wardrobe for some time now and today I couldn't resist any longer. These babies are b-e-a-utiful, the print is so summery and the cut is perfect - just high enough that you don't get the dreaded muffin top effect. 

My lovely Brit-Stitch satchel was the perfect colour to complement the poppies in the print on the trousers and since in the summer you don't get flowers without bumblebees I thought it would be rude not to accessorize with my favourite new Olivia Burton watch. I know I'm biased because I work there but seriously you guys there are some BEAUTIES in the new collection! Go check them out whilst you hang out of your nearest window desperately seeking a hint of breeze (OHMIGOD THO ITS SO FREAKING WARM.)

30 June 2014

Mad Hatters Tea Party | Sanderson Hotel

Sanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea PartySanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea PartySanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea PartySanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea Party7Sanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea PartySanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea PartySanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea PartySanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea PartySanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea Party
Mad Hatters Tea Party: Sanderson Hotel 
In five weeks time one of my very best friends in the world Charlotte will be marrying her childhood sweetheart in Cambridge and I will be Maid of Honour and sobbing happily into my glass of prosecco. Now a wedding requires a Hen Do of course, and myself and my other best friend in the world Jara were determined to organise a send off to remember.  

For the first part of a Hen Party when all the mums and nans are about an afternoon tea is perfect for sitting and gossiping and reminiscing and planning. We didn't want just any old afternoon tea though - we wanted something memorable! Enter the Mad Hatters Tea Party at the Sanderson Hotel...I've been wanting to go for FOREVER.

As you walk into the Sanderson Hotel foyer you kind of feel like you've fallen down the rabbit hole already, there's quirky furniture and whimsical decoration everywhere - perfect for examining (and using for photo opportunities) whilst you wait to be seated.

Once you're actually at the table everything is perfectly crafted to deliver the theme at all times, from the menu hidden inside a classic book to the sugar cubes nestled in the old fashioned jewellery boxes. The crockery is beautiful and decorated with all kinds of different things from birdcages to zebras apart from the teapots, which all feature rosy cheeked faces and a paper crown. 

You'd be forgiven for assuming that this was a tea of style over substance but you'd be dead wrong - we were soon all ooh-ing over the little colourful swirls of sandwiches in gorgeous flavours - the salmon on rye was a favourite but I did have a soft spot for the ham and mustard on tomato bread. The savoury quiches and scones hit the spot too - a nice departure from the average afternoon tea which often doesn't quite get the ratio of savoury to sweet spot on. 

But lets be real here, you came to hear about the dessert portion. Guys - it was gorgeous. My personal favourite was the clock shaped victoria sponge which was made up of tiny little layers of fluffy cake with bursts of jam and a hint of what tasted like white chocolate. Another crowd pleaser was the mango cheesecake which was more of a mousse surrounded by white chocolate and filled with a runny 'yolk' of some kind of mango sauce...

Two and a bit hours of laughing and chatting and eating and drinking flew by too quickly and we were soon brushing the crumbs off of our laps and heading for the exit. What a fab start to the hen party weekend - I can't recommend it enough!

25 June 2014

Tennis Whites

White Dress Summery Skater StyleCute Black Cat White Platform Sandals White DressCute Black Cat Jewel Statement NecklacesOlivia Burton White WatchWhite Dress Summery Skater StyleCute Black Cat White Platform Sandals
Necklaces: Ever Ours and Primark
Dress: Red Label*
Watch: Olivia Burton
Bracelets: Ever Ours
Sandals: TK Maxx

The days are sunny and Wimbledon has arrived - something that can only mean one thing! Okay, apart from strawberries and cream being a diet staple and constant debates over whether Andy Murray is British or Scottish (let us share him guys come on, don't be greedy.) Yep you got it, tis the season to wear all white outfits and try your very hardest not to spill anything down them or brush up against wet paint or have drinks thrown over you.

This gorgeous Red Label dress is the perfect white summer dress - the subtle textured print and cutouts add interest whilst the layered fit and flared skirt keep it flattering. Plus its a super bargain at under twenty pound - wowza!

Something this simple calls for slightly ridiculous accessorising (as far as I'm concerned anyway) so as well as more touches of white with my shoes and watch I also decided to try out this thing I saw in a magazine recently - layering statement necklaces. I do love a bit of bling!
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