24 January 2015

The Yellow Mini Skirt

Yellow mini skirt outfit post fashion bloggerYellow mini skirt outfit post fashion bloggerYellow mini skirt outfit post fashion bloggerYellow mini skirt outfit post fashion blogger
Necklace: Forever 21
Top: New Look
Skirt: New Look
Boots: New Look
Watch: Olivia Burton

Long time no blog! There's something about January that just makes me want to sit in my pyjamas and watch box sets in my spare time rather than actually get dressed and put on my makeup. Still, I had to wear clothes at the weekend at some point, so last Saturday I dragged Sean outside in his capacity as my official photographer (lol) in order to take some outfit posts. 

I didn't massively hit the sales after Christmas, but I did have to have a little mini splurge at New Look - they had so much great stuff reduced to less than £20! I've really got into wearing skirts at the moment so I couldn't resist this yellow one - it's such a happy colour. The boots are another favourite, I can't get enough of wearing boots in the Winter so the more pairs the merrier as far as I'm concerned.

Last but not least, I need some direction with my hair - do I go darker? lighter? change the colour completely and try out something mad like purple? I'm conflicted!

22 December 2014


Simply Be Real Moments Illustration Campaign

I get quite a few emails through regarding current blogger campaigns, and it takes something a bit special for me to think 'wow - what an amazing idea!' The latest Simply Be campaign ticks that box, they're encouraging ladies everywhere to share their real moments - times where fashion hasn't quite gone to plan, after all we can't be glamorous the whole time! Some of these anecdotes have been passed onto various talented illustrators to really bring the cringe to life - I was lucky enough to be teamed up with the fab Kate Naylor.

So - time for my anecdote...I've had quite a few 'oops' moments in my time - but this one does stand out more than any other! A few years back I got given a fab dress and I was desperate to wear it as soon as I possibly could. Minutes before I needed to dash out to meet my friends I pulled the dress over my head and reached behind me to cut out the tag. 

A few hours later I returned to the house - only to be confronted by my lovely mother looking really quite cross and holding what looked to be a lot like a hair extension. Except...it wasn't a hair extension. Turns out when I'd blindly hacked away at the tag on the dress with some scissors, I'd also managed to hack away a chunk of my hair! I've never been in that much of a rush to wear something new again!

I'd love to hear your #SimplyBeReal moment - can any of you beat mine? Remember to use the hashtag if you share on Twitter!

10 December 2014

My Expensive Habit | Legal & General

Eating out habit Legal and GeneralEating out habit Legal and General

I have a very expensive habit. It's not shoes or handbags, it's not POSH makeup or trips to the spa and it's not even nights out and drinking champagne like it's water (I wish!) Nope - my expensive habit is food. Not just any food, delicious food that calls to me whenever I unwrap a sad and limp sandwich at lunchtime and gaze longingly out the window at the plethora of amazing cafes and restaurants near my office. 

Whether its a cheeky Starbucks red cup and a pain au chocolate on the way into work, a juicy burger or a blogger favourite brunch at the weekends, eating out is definitely my weakness. It hasn't got any better since I moved in with Sean either, as our fridge isn't usually stocked and we are more often than not tempted by the thought of someone else cooking and serving delicious food to us. We're one of those couples who would rather spend money on an expensive meal in a Michelin star restaurant than on buying gifts for each other - what can i say?

Fortunately for me (or maybe not so fortunately, as I now know i need to seriously cut down my spending) Legal & General have launched a calculator that shows you exactly what you could be saving, and saving for, if you would cut out or cut down your expensive habit. I casually went on the website and entered my average spend per day on buying food from anywhere other than the supermarket and...OH MY GOSH. I could be saving 2000 odd pounds a year to go on 4.4 new laptops or 5.5 trips away. Slightly masochistically I slid the slider up to the amount I would spend over 15 years...THIRTY TWO THOUSAND POUNDS. Holy moly.

I'm definitely going to make more of an effort to make nice lunches to take into work to save me cash - I don't think my soggy sandwiches are going to help me cut down the habit so any bright ideas would be very helpful! Do you have a bad habit of spending money on eating out too? Or is your habit something else entirely...(I'm hoping someone out there really does drink champagne like it's water)
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